Hi to you all users of SnarePal!

My name is Berndt Werner Baumgartner and the inventor of SnarePal.

I’ve been touring as a drummer for approx. 25 years with various artists and bands.

In between I’ve been recording in my studio where my role has been from a producer to more.

I really love the sound of a snare drum and how different it can sound in various environments.

The idea for SnarePal came to me when I did a gig at an embassy in Stockholm.

We made a show close to the guests at their dinner table.

I wrapped a heavy shirt around my snare drum to avoid killing the guests and the show from bad frequencies.

Then I made a prototype for the SnarePal, aiming for keeping the snare drum sound as it should without trying to dampen it with other stuff like duct tape etc.

The solution became to dampen the high frequencies that the lower skin on the snare drum provides.

Those frequencies has too be controlled somehow.

Sometimes when gigs are in a small room or a small club, where the sound-engineers main approach is to create a pleasant overall sound, a SnarePal becomes very handy without loosing the sound of the snare drum.

And here we are now with this fantastic solution, product and a patented invention.

The SnarePal is very useful in various moments and locations when you need to control and provide a better overall sound and keeping yours snare sound alive like it should!

I just love it. Rock on!

The Ultimate Snare Tool